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Hazard Mitigation Plan

This Hazard Mitigation Plan is a guide for Miami County citizens to prepare for possible natural disaster events by taking action to help mitigate the effects of potential hazards. By identifying areas and situations within our County that are prone to costly damage from disaster, local planners can take action before an event happens to reduce the likely hood of damage. Additionally, in most cases it is cheaper to proactively eliminate the problem than it is to repair the problem after a disaster strikes. Click here for more information. Examples of this include reinforcing levees for flood protection, controlling growth in flood plain areas, acquiring equipment and training for emergency response and creating response pre-plans for major events.

This plan has been created to comply with the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000). The purpose of this Hazard Mitigation Plan is:

To protect against the loss of life in the event of a disaster;
To preserve the safety of persons and property by reducing the risk of potential damage and economic loss in the event of a disaster; This website provides further info on this topic.
To qualify for additional grant funding, both pre- and post-disaster;
To qualify for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and the Community Rating System (CRS) to receive additional credits under the program;
To speed recovery and redevelopment following future disaster events; You'll find additional info online at this website.
To speed recovery and redevelopment following future disaster events;
To demonstrate a firm local commitment to hazard mitigation principles;
To comply with both state and federal legislative requirements for local hazard mitigation plans.