Preparedness in the Home

To prepare for a possible emergency situation you should begin by thinking about the basic needs for survival. Click on the links below for information on putting together Emergency Supply Kits. It is recommended that you also put together a smaller kit for in your car. Follow this link to to get a Home Emergency Supply Kit checklist.

prepare in home

After an emergency occurs is not the time to figure out how to contact family, friends or your favorite Las Vegas escort. Take a few minutes and complete a Family Emergency Plan. This will make it easier to account for your family and for them to contact you.

pets prepared

Your Pets in a Disaster

Pet owners naturally look at their animal friends as part of the family. Just like humans, pets are affected by disaster as well. Make sure you include them in your disaster planning. Your pet will need the same essential items as humans; water, food and shelter. Go to for additional information. FEMA also has information here.

Miami County is fortunate to have a group of dedicated volunteers whose mission during a disaster will be taking care of pets. Miami County Animal Response Team, known as MiCart, works in conjunction with Miami County Emergency Management during a disaster. Many times during disasters pets and their owners are separated and MiCart will assist in housing and re-uniting them.

Preparing for a Power Outage

Remember the basics of survival: Fresh Water, Food and Warmth.

Water – Stock up on bottled water before the storm. We have all seen the news footage of empty store shelves after a disaster strikes. Consider filling your bathtub or buckets with water for washing, flushing the toilet, etc.

Food – Stock up on canned foods that have a long shelf life. Also consider alternate methods of heating and cooking food. Any perishable foods should be eaten first before they go bad. Also, try to minimize opening the doors of refrigerators and freezers; this will delay the onset of spoilage.

Warmth –
Consider alternate methods of heating your house. Be very careful if using open flame heating devices inside, ALWAYS make sure they are vented to the outdoors. Carbon Monoxide is very deadly. Make sure you have a lot of blankets and warm clothes available.

Other things to consider during a power outage are:

Light – Have plenty battery powered flashlights and/or lanterns around. Obviously have plenty of batteries as well.

Information – Have an alternative powered (battery, solar etc) radio available. It will be important to stay informed about the incident.

Boredom –
Remember, there will potentially be long periods of inactivity. Consider placing books or games in your emergency supply kit to pass the time.

Be extremely careful when using open flame devices such as candles, they can and do cause fires.

Portable generators produce deadly carbon monoxide. Never run a fuel powered generator inside of a house, garage or other closed environment, always make sure it is properly ventilated.

Emergency Preparedness for Business

As a business owner or employee, much can be done to minimize the effects a disaster could have on you. All businesses and employees should develop a preparedness program that will assist in keeping you business operational during trying times. FEMA has a 5 step template, based off of The National Fire Protection Association Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs, that will assist you in developing your disaster preparedness program. Follow the link below to learn more about the program.

weather map

Refer to for more information.

Tier Reporting

If you are a business owner in Miami County and store, sell or use Hazardous Chemical Substances you may be required to report this to the State of Kansas. This is required be the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA) and Kansas EPCRA. To determine if you have reportable quantities of a hazardous substance contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment KDHE

For General Information on Kansas Tier II reporting download this PDF.

Miami County Local Emergency Planning Committee – LEPC

The Kansas State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), Adjutant General and the Secretary of Health and Environment have designated each of the 105 counties as local planning districts. The Miami County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is comprised of representatives from the community including public safety, public health, utilities, local business and charitable organizations.

Although the main focus of an LEPC is on disaster planning involving hazardous materials, their involvement in both disaster planning and hazard mitigation is paramount in preparing for and responding to any disasters occurring in Miami County.

Past Miami County Incidents

Below is a list of recent past Miam County emergency incidents.

Kansas Severe Storms, Flooding and Tornados (

Kansas Severe Winter Storms and Snowstorms (a href=”″>

Severe Winter Storms

Severe Storms and Flooding

Severe Storms, Tornadoes and Flooding

Kansas Ice Storm